Are you looking for a part-time side gig and would like to earn extra cash on the weekend? Exotic Divas is recruiting the best and most gorgeous girls in Montreal for events at home. Our business model is to bring the strip club experience to the customer’s own environment. We do bachelor parties and birthday parties mostly by also corporate private events and we offer exotic waitresses for events that need to be spiced up without the regular stripper services. If you are looking for the best company to work for, have some experience stripping, are comfortable with your bodies and looks, know how to entertain a crowd and love putting on a show, and finally have a vehicle to be able to move around; Exotic Divas is the right business for you to work for. If you want a job as a female stripper in Montreal, well look no further than here. This is the business for you!

We also offer the best rates per hour for you girls and take care of you with professionalism and respect. We have been in business since 1989 and have secured the number one company spot in all of the major cities in the area. Working for Exotic Divas means that you have an extra income stream that’s totally controllable by you, your availability, and the work you put in. We offer you girls gigs and tell you the details and you accept or not the offer. The more you accept, the higher you get on our list and the more gigs you will get. Private events at home are a stable and secure payment option where you are guaranteed to make a certain amount and don’t need to compete with other girls for customers. All of the money you make is yours to keep and you never need to pay the company anything. We secure a deposit beforehand and this is our cut for the company. This means that not only do you know that you are going to an event who already paid some money down for your presence, but you also know they are serious and the only thing that is left to do is to show up and put in the work for the amount of time that was established prior. On top of the base rate, you can make extras by doing private dances at 20$ a song like a strip club and also you can negotiate more time with them on-site for your desired rate and that’s also all yours to keep. We are recruiting female strippers and have a lot of work to provide for whoever wants to work this summer and make a lot of money.

Recruiting Female Strippers Now!

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