My name is TJ and I am a male stripper from Gatineau. I don’t necessarily consider myself a good guy or boyfriend material. My life of failed relationship through my military service has lead me to be a male stripper. Don’t get me wrong I love women and always enjoy a good time with them, I just have a problem with trust. This story is not related to exotic temptation but it’s a personal story that happened outside of my work as usual.

I am kind of broken on the inside but for some reason, I always find myself in sexual situations. Most of them very pleasurable, some that are normal and some plain weird. I am writing here to tell you about the situations I encounter being a male stripper. My most recent one was a first for me and quite exciting to be honest.

I went to this birthday party who was organized by the mom of this beautiful little blonde girl which was her daughter of course. As usual I prepped myself, shaving, showering and putting on my best boxers. I putted my firefighter uniform and went to Ottawa for this girl’s birthday.

As I arrived there, I was greeted outside by this beautiful MILF who had a brand new set of tits I presumed. Her cleavage was just insane and being the sexual guy that I am, I had a hard time not staring at them. She told me this party was going to be wild and she had a surprise for me.

I entered this big beautiful house on top of the hill and music was already playing. In the middle of the room was this beautiful blonde girl with blue eyes staring at me in excitement. I knew she was the focus point of all this so I played my act and walked towards her. She was smiling with those pearl white teeth of hers. Around the room was about ten other girls staring at me which I believed was her friends.

As I was dancing for her, she indicated to me that she wanted me to perform for her mom as well. So I took the mom by the hand and sat her on the couch while dancing for her. She was as gorgeous as the little blonde and kept smiling at me. At some point, she got close to my ear and whispered: Have you ever had a mom and her daughter at the same time? Thinking she was talking about dancing, I said no and took her daughter to the couch with her to dance on both.

The mom whispered to my ear again and said: I wasn’t talking about dancing silly. As she told me that I thought to myself, wow again falling into a sexual situation which I tend to attract. So I told her: why don’t you show me later when I am done performing what you mean on my own time. She wink and I knew something was on.

As I finished dancing and took pictures with the girls, the mom sent her daughter upstairs and told me to follow. I didn’t mind at all and went up to meet her in her bedroom. There she was lying down on this bed looking at me and wondering when was I going to do something. Shortly after the mom came in the room and closed the door behind her.

As excited as I was, I didn’t really know what to do and what was going on so I asked: what is the surprise you were telling me about. They told me let us show you. Both of them got to their knees and pulled my boxers down to reveal my penis who was already hard and ready for action. All I could see was those two pairs of blue eyes which indicated clearly the relationship between the two of them.

As they were alternating giving me head, all I could think of is this is so awesome. The mom pulled condoms from the drawer and told me she wanted me to have sex with her daughter while she watches and then with her right after and I needed to cum in her daughter’s mouth as a birthday gift. I thought to myself as twisted as this might be, it probably won’t ever happen again so I rolled with it and did exactly that.

I entered her daughter’s little pussy and could feel the warmness and wetness of it. Being a male stripper certainly has it’s benefits from time to time. As I was pumping her hard, the mom started taking her clothes off and came closer to start playing with my balls. The feeling was so good I had to calm down if I wanted to do her after. Her daughter came really hard and was shaking saying thank you that’s so good.

I then entered the mom who was lying down right beside her daughter while I could watch their naked bodies. What a view, I was really lucky to be here. I did all sort of positions with the mom and she was way more experienced than her daughter. As I was close to cum, she pulled my dick out and started jerking it fast while her daughter opened her mouth and was waiting for it. I came all over her face and all I could think of is wow, what a great experience to remember and bring into my grave one day.