Are you planning an event and don’t know what to do, well what about a strip club at home! You heard this right, Exotic Temptation, and Exotic Divas offer premium male and female strippers at home for any events that require our services. We also have the hottest topless waitresses and buff butlers for events that require something different than the usual stripper experience. Either way, this is the best amazing and private experience you can get. With us, you get group prices and we come to your location. This means that you can make your own drinks. consume your own consumables, hanging exclusively with your friends and guests, and all of that in the comfort of your own private environment. There is no better way to host a party than to host a party at home with our premium adult entertainment services.

With Covid being currently the obstacle to any kind of entertainment we want to have, there is no better way that to use the privacy of our homes or rental private venues to host an amazing party with our friends. Exotic Temptation and Exotic Divas provides the quality entertainment you deserve with our strip club at home experience. You get to have the time of your life without other customers, cops or any other kind of external problems. You get to get drunk and stay at your hotel, home, cottage, airbnb, condo, apartment or any other approved location and you have the time of your life with your friends. Nobody needs to drive and everybody can just sit back and enjoy and amazing party. We do the best naked pool parties around, we love to spice our events up with some naughtiness and we enjoy having a good time with our customers. If you are looking for a wild event or a conservative one, we offer and adapt our shows to the customer’s demand.

We have strippers, topless waitresses, and buff butlers in all major cities like Quebec, Montreal, Gatineau, Kingston, Toronto, Ottawa, Mon-Tremblant, and their surrounding suburbs. Contact us today to have the time of your life at 819-431-2355. We do bachelor parties, boys night, girls night, bachelorette, pool parties, divorce parties, new promotion parties and so much more. Check out our service page here or visit our Facebook page at

The Exotic Temptation and Exotic Divas Team