What is it about strip clubs that we like so much as a man or a woman. Strip clubs have that special feeling of being naughty when going to and it makes you feel sexual. I think those clubs provide a kind of fantasy that is both safe and soft for any type of person. When you put male strippers or female strippers on a stage and they get naked, it certainly is pleasing for the eye. There is something hot about watching someone stripping down to bare skin and dancing in front of you.


Men and women have that drive to seek sexually charged environment and those clubs provide this environment. I think everyone likes to see a beautiful person stripping down in front of them. Even more pleasing if they do it specially for you. As male strippers, we understand the concept of seduction and the teasing and pleasing it provides to our customers. A club has the music and the low lighting with neons which makes you feel like you are in a private special place. The lighting is modified as well. Black lights all over the area makes the skin appear smooth and removes imperfections.


The fantasy to have sex with that person getting naked in front of you is what keeps people coming back and interested in seeing more and more. It increases your arousal and sex drive and place you in a position when you want what you see. Looking up at someone on a stage makes that desire increase, since they seem in control and in a higher position to decide the outcome of the situation.


Stripping is a seduction game that base itself on this desire and even us as male strippers, we still enjoy going to female strip clubs and watching beautiful woman getting naked in front of us. We all wish we would eventually one day have girlfriends or wives that would do that for us at home and keep our libido going. So go ahead and seduce your partners men or women. Get some sexy clothes, dim the lights and start stripping. You will probably enjoy it as much as we do. It is quite exciting to feel desired by so many people. Have fun and keep supporting your local strip club hahaha.


Exotic Temptation stripper team