Hey ladies! This article will be about explaining a strip-o-gram. A strip-o-gram is basically the name for a private show with exotic dancers. It is the preferred way ladies usually go about their bachelorette parties. It implies that one or more male stripper come to the location of your choice.


Usually you ladies will put the bachelorette girl on a chair and will kind of set it up as a surprise with the strippers. They guys will then show up in the uniform of your choice and will play an act. If they are in policeman, they will act like there was a noise complaint. They will then proceed to locate the girl in question and move towards her. At this point the music should start and they will start stripping.


The male strippers usually have a list of good songs for their show and they surely know how to get the party going. They will usually remove clothes as the songs goes and they feed from the crowd’s energy to perform. The more the ladies are into it, the more they will perform. The strippers are comfortable in any environment and they don’t mind going to private houses, cottages, hotel room, restaurants, boats etc.


Their performance varies from usually 30 minutes to one hour, when they will dance, perform tricks and play games with the ladies. They offer private dances as well which implies a one on one private dance in a secluded area. Our exotic dancers are always very professional and go along with your level of comfort in the situation and moment. At the end of a show you are allowed to tip them for their performance as they don’t get all of the money you payed since some goes to the company. They appreciate it very much.


At the end they will take pictures with you and you can ask the strippers some requests of your own to create your memories and to wrap this up in a nice and fun way. This is basically how it goes and it can be adjusted to your own request and needs. For booking please click on our booking link and send us a quick email with your show details.



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