At exotic temptation, we have a specific service who is a duo male and female strippers for swingers or open-minded couple. If you are looking for some excitement you can order our package and a female and male dancer will come to perform a show for you to watch and enjoy. We have noticed that the swinger’s lifestyle has become bigger and bigger over the years and we have been asked to provide strippers for couples. Our exotic dancers show up in different uniforms as per your request and they will give you a sexy and naughty show. If you are just a shy couple and want to experiment with something different without anything being too much, our stripper package for couples is the way to go. There you will observe a male and female but a sexy show on and you will be able to get lap dances from one of the other or both while watching your spouse or husband enjoy themselves.

It is important to discuss your boundaries and expectation with our managers to see what kind of show the dancers will do. Our strippers for swingers package is a lot of fun and provide a tailored experience to our customers. If you want to order this package it is only for 19 years old and over and they only perform in private settings or in your home, hotel room, rented cottage etc… This new and exciting package has been able to provide some excitement in tons of couples and it’s kind of a way to bring a mix strip club for both of you to enjoy at home. You get to chat, have fun, and enjoy a few drinks with our strippers. It is always exciting to see hot and naked people dance in front of you to tease and turn you on. If you dare to experience it contact Mike at 819-431-2355.