As strippers, we sometimes get to go to cool location for a show. Last week, we got asked to go strip on this boat full of women for a bachelorette party. Two strippers and I were hired for this big boat party on the Gatineau River. We were kind of excited to go as it was a beautifull sunny day out.


The cool thing about an exotic dancer, is that you get from time to time to enjoy great parties like this one. We got to the dock that evening and got picked up by this big platform boat with a bunch of beautiful women on it. The music was loud and the drinks were pouring.


We were received by Erika who told us that this party was going to be wild and that we never saw women like them before. We didn’t know what they mean by that but has we got further out from the shore and away from any eyes, they all took their tops off and said it was going to be a topless party. We couldn’t ask for a better view and has we started drinking with them they decided that they would be the one taking our clothes off and not us.


This was kind of a cool concept. Topless chicks removing our clothes…. why not haha. So the more we danced the more they took our clothes off. Sometimes I wonder why don’t every guy become a male stripper. They could enjoy the fun we have as well. When we got to our boxers they asked if they could removed them. The three of us looked at eachother and agreed mutually. We ended up partying all night with them after the show. Let’s just say that the rest of the story won’t be written here.