Hi there, my name is Diesel and I have been stripping for couples for quite some time now. At Exotic Temptation we don’t only dance for bachelorette party and birthdays, we do any events that require our services. In 2018, open minded couples that want to be kinky and have a good time have been ordering our services more and more.

As an exotic dancer, it is always a great experience to go to a couple’s home and entertain them. When you work for an open minded couple, it is all about respect and having a good time. A couple is great because they love each other and you know that stripping down for them is going to be an enjoyable experience for everybody. What I like about doing this, is that a provide a service that spikes their sex life and entertains them in the comfort of their home.

For couples, having a stripper at home provides a private and secretive party for the two of them to enjoy behind closed door. It is like bringing a strip club to your own house and enjoying all that you can do with your love one. Stripping for couples is a specific service for open minded and comfortable couples who wants to spice things up at home.

If I would eventually find a comfortable girlfriend, I would for sure think about getting this for her as a surprise to start up a good night between the two of us.

As a male stripper, I always work with the level of comfort of my customers and tailor the experience to their liking so that I can ensure they are satisfied as much as I am able to provide for them.

In 2018, having an exotic dancer at home is a great experience and definitely something  I would recommend to couples that are willing to experiment a little more outside of their usual routine. I have never had a bad experience and I always worked to make sure they had a good time.

One night, the couple I was stripping for was so great, I stayed with them afterwards and we enjoyed a few drinks together and talked about all sort of stuff. It was definitely a lot of fun for me as well and everybody got something out of it.

If you are willing to have an exotic stripper stripping for couples, please give us a call at 819-431-2355 and you can discuss with our manager Mike what you are interested in and what you would like for your show.

Have fun and keep experimenting as a couple. It is a lot of fun to create experiences together when both of you are comfortable as partners.

Diesel – Exotic Dancer