Fitness is a male stripper’s best tool for success. As male strippers, we strive to always improve out physique as we

like to please our customers. It is important for us that our fitness is on point.

As an exotic dancer, we have a lot of competition around and the customers pay to see beautiful bodies stripping in

front of them.


Our exotic male dancers from Ottawa and Gatineau, workout on average 5 to 6 times a week.

Their workouts regimen consist of High intensity interval training, a lot of muscle building work, some cardio, and

flexibility and yoga. Stripping is a form of exercise and requires our guys to be fit and lean.


Fitness is not just something we do, it’s part of our regular lifestyle. It demands dedication, will power, resisting

cravings and bad food and of course the hardest thing is to not drink too much. With this kind of lifestyle, it’s hard

sometimes not to have a drink with our customers or to party a little to be in the mood.


After some times, fitness becomes the usual for us and we like to get together to workout and motivate each other.

Now that the nice weather is out, our new fun is to do sprints. This is one of the stripper’s best kept secrets. Sprints

do lean you out a lot, and they build a nice fit ass that the women love to grab. Our male strippers usually do

between 8-10 sprints uphill with a 30 seconds break between each sprints.


The other best kept secret of strippers is lunges. Lots and lots of lunges. They do build the best leg and ass ever. It’s

more effective than squats as well. One last thing that really helps is to drink tons of water. That flushes out any

water retention and really make you appear your leanest.