Stripping for middle age woman as always been a pleasure for male strippers. The open mind that girls in their mid thirties have is just plain fun. They are not shy to have a good time and always love the shows. They appreciate that you’ve come stripping for them and love cheering you up.


Not too long ago I went stripping for a group of 15 girls in their thirties. Aneka was the one organizing this bachelorette party and she was very welcoming when I showed up. As an exotic dancer, we do get and feel the energy of a crowd and that helps with our performance and comfort level to have fun with the girls.


As I got into the living room, there was 15 beautiful ladies cheering up for me and having wine together. So I did what a male stripper does and started the music right away. The Bachelorette girl, Amanda, was on a chair with a blindfold. As I approach her and started dancing on top of her hips, her female friend grabbed her hands and placed them on my bum.


She then knew a stripper was there for her. The crowd was getting warmed up and the ladies were cheering up. They decided that it would be a good thing for Amanda to take shooters from my body while I take some from her tits. They were not shy those girls and it was easy to put on a good show for them as they wanted to see more and more. I wrapped a blanket over my hips and took my boxers out.


They got really excited and I was going to tease them with the blanket but Amanda just pulled it off from me and I ended up naked for them in the living room. You could tell they like the view and ask if they could take pictures beside my revealed penis as a memory for them. Like I said they weren’t shy of having fun those ladies. All and all in was a very nice respectful and fun party and everyone had a good time.