So some of you might want to know, how do you perform a good striptease for someone. This article will explain you the basics of a striptease/stripping and how it works. So wetter you are a male stripper or just a regular guy who wants to turn on a lady, stripping is something they enjoy seeing.


The basics of a striptease/stripping is to be as seductive and sexy as you can be. It has to suggest sex and it is a way to turn on the heat before the act. To do a good strip you have to make sure your body is on point. Meaning you have to workout a lot and make it a staple of your regular day to day routine. Clean eating as well as to be on point.


Then you have to pick a uniform you want to strip from. Women tend to like uniforms that suggest power and authority. It can go from a plane pilot to a police officer or even a cowboy. It is a good idea to put a uniform together and to surprise the person without them knowing what you are about to do for them.


Then you have to pick a sexy music to dance to. Make sure it is slow enough so you can move slow. Slow is sexy and that’s how stripteases/stripping work. You have to hold eye contact and smile throughout the whole dance. It is good as well to watch some strippers on youtube and imitate what they do.


Make sure you smell good and when you dance touch yourself a bit and rub your chest and abs from time to time while looking right thru her eyes. Be as sexy as you can be and turn her on to the point that she won’t be able to resist touching you. Grab her hands and slide them down your chest to your crotch. Let her grab your butt and get close to her breathing thru her ears. Have fun with it and there is really no other secrets than practice and moving slow and in a sexy way.