Hi there, my name is Kyle and I am one of the tattooed male strippers in our group. Since I was 18 and started dancing naked in clubs, I found myself having a passion for tattoos.

I noticed it is becoming more and more apparent to have male strippers from all walk of life having tattoos. I am writing this post this get a female perspective on what do they like about a tattoo

and what area is the most sexiest to them as I am planning on getting a lot more tattoos in the future.


I dance with Max from time to time and he got some great tattoos going on for himself as well. My first girlfriend was really into tattoos and when I got my first sleeve she became so much

hornier for me so I thought to myself well I guess some girls really like that. As male strippers and exotic dancers, we sometimes wonder if it is better to show muscle definition or a lot of ink.

I guess the argument would be that ink is king of bad ass and muscle kind of sexy. I know some chicks still like virgin bodies with no ink but I was wondering if there is still many that like that.

As tattooed male strippers me and Max were interested in getting your feedback.


Last weekend I went to this bachelorette party to strip up in Kanata and the woman were crazy about my tattoos. This was a great party as the women were quite nice and were having a great time.

It was like joining an ongoing party and spicing it up a notch. Anyways, if you ladies could write down on our facebook page what do you prefer, it would be great for us to know. Tattooed male

strippers or not?


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