Are you interested in booking the Best Male Strippers in Ottawa-Gatineau? At Exotic Temptation, we take care of bringing the party to you. Our company decided a while back that people wanted to have fun and the best way to do so was to provide them the entertainment at home. What can be better than having the Best Male Strippers in Ottawa-Gatineau come to your own location for a private and fun party. We went ahead and recruited the best possible strippers so that we could create the strip club experience at home. On top of that, we realize that there were no male strip clubs around and that there were no options for girls seeking a bachelorette party to have male strippers. But rest assured that we decided to create the perfect solution for your next divorce party, birthday party, bachelorette party, or girl’s night.

At Exotic Temptation, our goal is to create a fun experience that will be worth remembering for you ladies. Our male entertainers work with the crowd and adapt to your desired level of expectation. Your party can be as wild or as conservative as desired and it is our goal to respect this and make sure to provide you with an outstanding event. If you are interested in hosting an event, we go to any approved locations like residential houses, condos, Airbnb’s, hotel rooms, cottages, and more. Our strippers know how to turn up a party and create an event that you will surely remember for all years to come!

Our male strippers can dress in the desired outfit of your choice based on what we have and they will play a scenario upon showing up that goes along the lines of the uniform. To book please give us a call at 819-431-2355 or visit our services page at or our Facebook page at

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