Hello beautiful people and welcome to Exotic Divas, the company where you get Top Female Strippers at Home for bachelor parties, special events like the ufc and other sports events, birthday parties, boys’ night, poker nights, or any other type of events that require our services. Our company was created in 1989 by ex-male and female strippers with multiple years of experience in the business. We got together and realized that the strip club experience was getting boring and people wanted to have an awesome time at home in their private environment where they can really let loose and party with their guests the way they want to. We also realized that there weren’t many male strip clubs or any venues designated for that and the very few are now closed down. By offering this experience at home, we were able to recruit the best and most beautiful strippers and provide them with work through our valued customers.

If there is one way to go about having the top female strippers at home come to you, it is through our company. Exotic Divas is established in many major cities like Montreal, Mont-Tremblant, Kingston, Toronto, Gatineau, Ottawa, Quebec, Arnprior, and all of their surrounding suburbs. Hosting a party at home, in an Airbnb, a hotel room, a condo, apartment, or any other approved and private venue, is one amazing way to have a memorable party that you will be sure to talk about for the years to come. We have professional strippers, you have the location, and our job is to combine both together to provide you an amazing strip club experience at home. What better way can you think of hosting your next party than hosting it at your own place with naked strippers putting on a show for you.

To book please check our service page at https://exotictemptation.ca/services/ you can also visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/temptationstripp

Call us today at 819-431-2355 for booking inquiries or you can email us at exoticdivasxxx@gmail.com