Hi Ladies and gents, today I will answer a question that everyone wants to know of what is it like being male strippers. Being a male stripper comes with a lot of taboo attached to it. I remember the first time I told my family I was an exotic dancer, they looked at me like I was on drugs or I did a poor decision. The funny part is that the very same people who think of stripping as being a bad thing, do go themselves to the strip club from time to time. How can you judge people doing this when you go yourself to enjoy looking at them? The society can be funny in some ways.

I remember when I was young, I was always comfortable walking around naked and didn’t like having much clothes on. When I grew up, anytime I could take my shirt off in the house I would out of being comfortable bare chest. To me nudity and the human body is gorgeous in all it’s forms and even art and painters do paint a lot of nudity. It is something that is appreciated by everyone yet, is judge by people if they know you.

My fix for this was always to keep my lifestyle of being a stripper very private, and to make sure to go dance where nobody knew me. When I would do this, people would appreciate the show, ladies would tip and everyone would be happy. When you take care of your body, eat healthy, workout quite often, put cream on your face and maintain a good skin complexion, I don’t think there is nothing wrong with being male strippers as a result or more like a sidetrack to what you are already doing well.

To be able to perform and be appreciated for your hard efforts into maintaining a great body is something that everyone would like to receive more of. Girls complain that their boyfriends don’t tell them enough how beautiful and sexy they are, couples do break up to seek people that look better or stimulate them better on a sexual level. I think it is normal for people to seek that and appreciate it.

Being a male stripper consist of being private and living a double life. You are someone for the eyes of the judgmental people, and you are someone else for the people that appreciate it. It’s like being a secret agent. You live a life only a few get to know about and on the outside you are a totally different person.

Exotic dancing is an art form, and there is a demand for it and people who love seeing it and being around strippers. A stripper is just a person that’s comfortable enough with their body to let you enjoy seeing it for what it is. Any guys love to watch a beautiful naked lady and every girl love to watch a sexy hunk naked.

It took awhile for my family to accept it but really it is not a big deal when you think about it. I think a lot of people are just plainly jealous to see that people look at you and enjoy what you do and you can make a few extra buck from that. It is a lifestyle that requires clean eating and physical fitness 24/7. It does make it hard to fall in love and find a girl who lets you do what you do and is comfortable around it. But when you do find a girl that’s open enough about it and doesn’t mind, she gets to enjoy the benefits of it and be exclusive to you none of the less.

Tyler ‘Lexi’ Smith