Hi everyone, today I will talk about what it is to be male strippers and what kind of lifestyle we are living. My name is Jason and I have been a male stripper for over 6 years now. I started this lifestyle because I liked working out and looking good and I was loving attention from ladies. It made sense for be to join the strippers and be part of the lifestyle.

Being strippers is about three things. Keeping fit and healthy or as much as you can be, doing various routines and keeping your dancing skills up and taking care of your looks. Actually there is a fourth one and it is to be able to be sociable and entertaining in various crowds. My usual day starts with a protein breakfast and a black coffee. I tend to stay away from fruits and carbs to keep a lean physique. I then proceed to go for a job or any form of cardio.

When the afternoon comes, I hit the gym and it’s time for heavy weights and various exercises. As strippers, we tend to train our glutes a lot, as female do enjoy to see a nice bum. We have realized with the years that they tend to like it better than abs or arms for that matter. After my workout it is time to hit the tanning salon. I usually go for about 5 minutes on a regular basis, to keep my skin from absorbing to much damages from the UV rays. When the night comes, it is usually time to shower and get pretty, I then start drinking a bit because that’s one of the vices that strippers have, they drink. I usually reach for my vodka soda as it is pretty low in calories.

After that it’s time to pack on the clothes and head to the destination that I have to perform at. Sometimes I do multiple destinations in one night which gets me tired as I have to drive and change.

Being a male stripper is about keeping a good physique and maintaining a good attitude and relation to your customers. We do work hard to look the way we are and that’s what we are selling as strippers. An image of perfection, a dream, a fantasy, something the ladies wants to see and touch. It is hard work but I enjoy all the people and friends I have met though this lifestyle. I even had a few great girlfriends.